Red Snapper w/ mango – $115 full tray/12 servings  / $60 half tray

Norwegian Salmon poached w/ Dijon/leeks – $120 full tray/12 servings  / $65 half tray

Roasted Salmon with dill cream sauce – $120 full tray/12 servings  / $65 half tray

Dill and horseradish encrusted Salmon – $120 full tray/12 servings  / $65 half tray

Baked Stuffed Shrimp ~ bread crumbs and fresh crabmeat (Provencal or Newburg) – $120 full tray /12 servingsof 2  $65 half tray

Lobster (Whole, Tail, Provencal or Newburg) – avg. marketprice $240/10 servings

Sesame encrusted Ahi Tuna – Market Price/$190 full tray/12 8oz servings

Sole Florentine ~ lightly breaded, sautéed in lemon butter over bed of fresh spinach – $115 full tray / $60 half tray

Stuffed Sole ~ bread crumbs, fresh crabmeat, dill, horseradish encrusted – $3.50 each

Zuppa di Pesce ~ all fresh fish, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, lobster meat – $115 full tray / $60 half tray

Chilean Sea Bass – $120 full tray/12 servings  / $60 half tray

Blackened Scallops – $120 full tray/12 servings of 4/ avg marketprice

Blackened Shrimp 16/20×4 $120 full tray/12 servings / $65 half tray

Blackened Tuna – Market Price$120 full tray/12 servings / $65 half tray

Dream Team Foods Commitment to Quality

Dream Team Foods is committed to providing a superior culinary experience by using the freshest produce, fish, seafood or meat available for your dining experience.

Our commitment to quality assures you that we will use the ingredient quality of your specification to deliver foods that are alive with old world consistency and flavor.

Dream Team Foods offers you the option of selecting organic ingredients sourced from local farms when availability allows. If you want food without additives or chemicals we can provide proof of our sourcing when we deliver your order. The organic marketplace is growing, and we have reputable regional suppliers to fill our needs

Dream Team Foods can source from traditional restaurant suppliers if organic is not your choice, and provide you with restaurant quality at competitive, bulk prices. Order more to freeze and save on your total invoice.

Dream Team Foods will never buy pre-made food products to reheat and present as chef created, unless this is your choice. We are able to serve a variety food qualities depending on your event  and budget specific needs. We can provide ingredient based pricing depending on your requirements.

Traditional, old world dining at comparable prices.

Dream Team Foods uses whole foods to craft your menu, assuring your guests of a memorable and exciting culinary experience.

Dream Team Foods brings the taste of quality to your location from our leased and licensed kitchen. We are proud to serve New Haven County, and beyond, if your needs are a match for our presentation.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by close collaboration in the planning process as we want to know what you want, and will tell you how your expectations will be achieved. Details execution is our specialty; nothing is left off your list. We will review a checklist of all presentation options with you as part of your planning process.

Dream Team Foods will provide you a range of pricing options allowing you to determine the quality and source of the ingredients that support your menu. From the best organic and/or restaurant quality to more economical, commercial ingredients, you will have control of your menu quality and cost. Either way, your food will deliver superior taste and tenderness. Consider the different event styles below:

Fast Start Morning Breakfast Menu – Start the day right with our full menu of hot or cold breakfast selections. From an easy continental buffet, to a variety of hot entrees plated with juice and coffee, we can help you and your team get off on the right foot.

Formal Dinner or Wedding in a Meadow – Under your white tent decorated with plants, hanging tapestry of your color choice and indirect lighting, your guests sit around linen covered tables and chairs with centerpieces of your design. Our wait staff presents Hors d’oeuvres before the guests ofbhonor are introduced on the dance floor, where your entertainment of choice provides music.

Beverages are provided at our Virgin Beverage Oasis while your bartender mixes adult beverages with your liquor and monitors the tap beer. Your guests sit down to the plated three-course meal served plated with menu options. A chocolate fountain, desert table and dancing is enjoyed after the meal. Our ServSafe Certified Food Manager will coordinate the event to operate the kitchen and assure quality, consistency and safety.

Tailgate, After Work, Happy Hour – A favorite to show appreciation, or just throw a party for your clients, employees, friends or customers. Surprise everyone or develop a regular event at your location by providing a variety of appetizers, salads, breads and hot entrees. Presented in half or full chafing dishes or wire racks with heat (deposit required) your food will stay hot for six hours. Make your own drinks from our Virgin Beverage Oasis available with cups, tableware, and centerpiece. Return the equipment for your refund or keep everything for your next event.

Family Reunion Barbecue- Under your optional white tent a long table awaits, covered with cloth of your design, maybe table cloths brought by each visiting family to create a unique tapestry for the day. A buffet station presents your appetizers; entrees in hot or cold chafing dishes. Make your own drinks at our Virgin Beverage Oasis while your bartender mixes adult beverages with your liquor and monitors the tap beer. The barbecue smells smoky good, producing ribs, steaks, chicken breast and grilled vegetables. A dessert buffet is presented with five kinds of restaurant ice-cream, toppings, pies, cookies and coffee for dessert. Your music is provided by a DJ or recorded music. David Carr ServSafe Certified Food Manager and his team family will coordinate the event to operate the kitchen and assure quality, consistency and safety.

House Dinner Party – In your home or private setting, this small event hosts allows you to enjoy your event without doing all the work. Choose to have your food delivered hot at your chosen dinner time, then set up by one of our professional ServSafe Certified Food Managers at no charge on your table or buffet. Take the extra step toward self-indulgence when you choose one of our team to prepare, plate and serve everything for your meal, leaving you a family style presentation for you to enjoy in private.

Eco-Catering – To honor and respect your desire to present an ecologically responsible event, Dream Team Foods offers a full compliment of bio-degradable place settings, tablecloths, and other specialty items in place of traditional tableware. We rent tablecloths and linens to minimize our impact on the environment and respect your desire to do the same. We can source your food from Connecticut farm markets, Regional distributors or specialty overnight national restaurant purveyors.

We are access a catering facility that seats 300 with parking for 150, (close to Yale West and MetroNorth West Haven) to make your event memorable. We are proud to serve Greater New Haven Connecticut if your needs are a match for our presentation. We are fully licensed and insured, and carry SafeServ Food Manager Certification

We are available, by appointment, to provide personal chef services at your place of business, gathering or residence. Allow us to participate in your event be providing attentive, experienced professional service throughout the gathering. Menu items can be finished, assembled and cooked to order in your home minutes before your entree is plated. An executive experience reserved for the most discriminating epicurean.

Contact Chef Owner Dave Carr (203) 627-4213
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