Bags For Bread

Bags For Bread dot com was Founded in August 2019 by David Carr of Dream Team Foods.

Imagine, if every time you purchased a paper Grocery Bag in Connecticut you made a donation to end food insecurity. Money that would go directly to provide food to those who need it most. Money to fund food pantries, soup kitchens or to deliver food for disabled people who may not be eating well.
Making a difference one bag at a time

Bags for Bread will provide paper bags to stores for 10c each, using the wholesale difference to make donations to feed people and provide food security services. Simple, Easy, Accountable

Every time you pay for a paper bag you are reducing plastic waste while making a difference in a hungry person’s life.

For whatever reason, people we see every day are not eating healthy food, we just don’t know who they are. Some are eating prepackaged convenience food because the corner market or has no fresh produce, meat, chicken or seafood. Some don’t have enough money to buy what the need to sustain themselves well. Some have disabilities that prevent them from preparing whole foods. Some get tired of cooking for one and eating alone. Since 2014 DreamTeamFoods has sought methods to deliver healthy food to those who need it most.   

Making a difference one bag at a time works when you realize what is happening due to the 2019 CT Plastic Bag Tax. Starting August 1, 2019, some retailers will offer paper bags for free, some will offer to sell you a reusable cloth bag. And some plan to sell paper bags that used to be free.

Several of Connecticut’s largest supermarket chains are charging a 10-cent fee (per 12 x 7 x 17  #57) paper bag.  One major supermarket owner stated “People are cutting down trees, then you have the trucks that bring the bags to the stores. This will make sure that people who use paper bags will use only what they really need.”

The reality is there is no truck just delivering paper bags, which are a renewable, farmed resource that creates jobs. #57 bags can be reused for recycling, storage, gift wrapping, book covers, posters, composting and more.

 Tax Money collected from “free” plastic bags will go to the state’s General Fund, according to officials with the New Haven-based Connecticut Fund for the Environment while paper bag sales will be added profit, which is our issue and our opportunity.

Here are the numbers. Stores have been giving away plastic bags with handles for years. At the most basic cost, without multi thousand unit discounts applied, these 0.5 mil bags cost about four cents each. 

Making a difference one bag at a time

There is found money here because the supermarket is either:

a) saving by not giving away free bags (10 bags per average order is 0.22/customer)

b) selling paper bags earning a minimum 0.03 per bag

c) selling heavy weight  4.0 mil reusable Plastic Bags

d) selling re-useable fabric bags

e) When people bring their own bags, the supermarket saves money for what they no longer give away.

Those racks at the grocery checkout each hold 500 bags. Some retailers have the rotating carousel which holds 1500 bags. Follow the money and follow your heart. The goal is to do well by doing good, so recognizing an opportunity to help those in need with no added expense seems like an incredible opportunity for everybody in Connecticut.   

For every 108,000 bags the community buys for ten cents plans to donate at least $2400. As we move ahead it is possible the paper bag industry and other philanthropic donors will increase our give per bag.

Making a difference one bag at a time

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