Dream Team Foods will develop a unique venue for job creation, education, and economic expansion in  Connecticut by operating a Culinary Business Accelerator.

Dream Team Foods will deliver an improved method and means for increased whole, healthy food access that fuels economic development and wellness. 

Dream Team Foods Culinary Business Accelerator  will empower people who want to start a culinary business, providing a viable launching point. Our solution will address unmet needs for mentoring and job creation, while delivering improved access for easy to prepare, healthy food for people in greater New Haven and beyond. In 2019 this vision  has not been achieved, despite the comments in 2015 by a member of the UConn Small Business Development Center  who said “I am certainly impressed with all the information you do have,  the sense of community and passion for this venture of an Incubator Kitchen” after reviewing the business plan in a face to face meeting.

Healthy food access, job creation and demand for local goods are challenging a growing number of people. New and creative solutions are needed in Connecticut to make healthy food affordable and available to all people who desire one.  Per Special Act 14-16 (6/11/2014)  the State of Connecticut  was advised to consider funding for kitchen incubators once such programs are crafted and initiated independently (research provided to the State Legislature).

People who have demanding work schedules, large families, disabilities, or  depend on limited income may not be able to access and easily prepare a healthy variety of quality ingredients, at reasonable prices, in manageable quantities, due to acquisition, storage and preparation challenges. Our proprietary manufacturing, packaging and delivery process will simplify delivery and preparation.

Whole ingredients will be obtained from regional farms or distributors, prepared, naturally seasoned, then finished with a processing technique requiring limited consumer cooking equipment. Most people have access to a refrigerator.  The process works well with portable coolers as well. These easy to store, transport and prepare whole food entrees will be produced by people seeking employment and experience in food services, one of the most accessible employment opportunities in USA society. Dream Team Foods anticipates manufacturing poultry and lamb sausage, along with  local farmed beef, providing source and farming transparency, to compliment a full range menu.

Licensed commercial kitchens will be available for emerging food artists to incubate their new businesses, develop, and produce (via time share) products with marketing and packaging support.


20170719_101543  Kettle Pots will allow a variety of product production 20170719_102913



Moveable work tables will provide space where it’s needed.


20170719_103208  We hope to have natural light with work space visible from outside

20170719_102340  Baking resources will include dough management systems.

20170719_100817  Multi Purpose Rooms will be used for meetings and public events

20170719_103943 Individual Storage in movable hot boxes allows access to supplies and dry storage in the kitchen when they are scheduled.

20170719_103214  The biggest expense and challenge will be installing the hooded ovens

Dream Team Foods Culinary business accelerator will source startup mentoring and continuing education including  business management, event planning, business accounting, Serv-Safe Certification study, product development, marketing, direct sales and team building.

Full service kitchens, cold storage and packaging resources will support production of Healthy, ready to heat entrees and family meals. These ready to heat meal packs  will be purchased by traditional shoppers who want quality and convenience, as well as persons on SNAP or other recognized food assistance programs. This allows more nutritious, fresh choices to identified households and individuals.   Dream Team Foods will function as a community partner, seeking investment, grants and loans ( from public resources and private philanthropy)  to make good. healthy  food more accessible to those most in need. Dream Team Foods provides transparent accountability using general accounting principles for all business.

These easy to store and prepare food components will be available to  regional consumers via direct pickup, in local retail stores, via home delivery,  and overnight  shipping, allowing convenience in shopping and meal preparation. This consumer division will provide additional income for the organization and demand for  raw product, allowing bulk purchases from regional distributors, or sourcing from local farms, further increasing the positive economic impact on the region.

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Part B -Food Desert Summary

Dream Team Foods will increase  availability of healthy food choices for people who live in  USDA Food Deserts by manufacturing and delivering  locally produced, easy to reheat whole food.

b) Dream Team Foods will be offer food choices to the consumer in a unique, value added form. We will produce food that is easy for any person, regardless of personal ability, to prepare and store. Unhealthy eating can be caused by lack of convenience and poor  cooking skills. 

c) Food Insecurity is significant issue in Connecticut, The U.S. Department of Agriculture calls parts of Hartford,  Bridgeport and New Haven a “food desert” when addressing limited accessibility to healthy foods.

Dream Team Foods will serve the following USDA Food Deserts:

Tract 09009155100 in West Haven Shoreline

Tract 09009154100 in West Haven and Westville

Tract 09009141800 in East Rock New Haven

Tract 09009142700 in Forbes/Quinnipiac New Haven

Tract 09009142604 in Laurel/North High East Haven

Tract 09009150400 in Devon/Milford

Tract 09009125200 in Ansonia

Tract 09009120200 in Derby

The 2010 Population of New Haven County Connecticut is 862,477. There are numerous small convenience markets in Greater New Haven, yet many of these businesses have a majority inventory of canned goods, chips/snacks and traditional, processed frozen fast fat food, sometimes lacking fresh, nutritious, cost effective choices. Food insecurity leads to obesity (from eating cheap, high fat processed foods) and associated health problems documented in previous articles. Sometimes he only healthy thing to be found is a banana and water since deli meats are often processed with nitrites and sodium.

Dream Team Foods supports New’s Haven Community Transformation Plan (CTP) With a combined revenue of $2.78 billion, the 50 nonprofits in New Haven’s health sector have the resources and potential to turn New Haven into a successful “wellness cluster.” Over the next five years, the CTP will focus on four main targets: including increasing food access (Pg 42 New Haven 2020 CTP).   Dream Team Foods has sufficient experience and resources to assist New Haven in providing CTP implementation activities to increase healthy food choices while reducing food insecurity.

In closing, we look forward to working with motivated parties to make a difference. We need financing to secure either equipment and a workspace, or a furnished, licensed facility.  Our “Top Down” business plan  projects multiple income streams that will generate over $400,000 income in three years


David Carr

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