Dream Team Foods commitment to quality

Dream Team Foods Commitment to Quality

Dream Team Foods is committed to providing a superior culinary experience by using the freshest produce, fish, seafood or meat available for your dining experience.

Our commitment to quality assures you that we will use the ingredient quality of your specification to deliver foods that are alive with old world consistency and flavor.

Dream Team Foods offers you the option of selecting organic ingredients sourced from local farms when availability allows. If you want food without additives or chemicals we can provide proof of our sourcing when we deliver your order. The organic marketplace is growing, and we have reputable regional suppliers to fill our needs

Dream Team Foods can source from traditional restaurant suppliers if organic is not your choice, and provide you with restaurant quality at competitive, bulk prices. Order more to freeze and save on your total invoice.

Dream Team Foods will never buy pre-made food products to reheat and present as chef created, unless this is your choice. We are able to serve a variety food qualities depending on your event  and budget specific needs. We can provide ingredient based pricing depending on your requirements.