2019 Festival Vendor Menu

For your Event we will be exclusive vendors of our items, serving breakfast from 10am, closing food vending around midnight.

We offer a different menus to compliment other vendors you, or may coordinate two sites/ side by side if necessary.

For Music Events we are available to coordinate Artist and Staff Hospitality Services.

Fully insured, licensed in West Haven CT, chef owner of Dream Team Foods.com, David Carr is a Safe-Serv Food Manager with experience operating staff and artist hospitality at Winter Hawk (1989-1993) Cajun Bluegrass Music Festival Escoheag RI (1995-2000).

Sample Menus

A) Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and 4 Cheese

Portebella Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese steak

Cajun Mac and Cheese

Broccoli Mac and Cheese.

Pesto Mac and Cheese.

Lobster Mac and cheese

Scallop Mac and cheese

Bacon Mac and cheese

B) Cheese Steaks

Grilled Philly Cheese steak

Grilled Philly Cheese steak with pep/onion/

Grilled Philly Cheese chicken steak

Grilled Philly Cheese steak + portabella steak

French Fries

Curly Fries

Fried Dough

C) Cajun Specialty

Turkey gumbo

Hot fries

Turkey/Andoule Jambalaya

Turkey/Shrimp Jambalaya

Crawdads and rice/peppers

Dirty Rice

Shrimp Etouffee

Crawfish Etouffee

For more information about culinary and dining experiences in Louisiana, visit LouisianaTravel.com

D) Dessert

Premium Ice Cream Scoop and Novelty Shop with Strawberry Shortcake

E) All Day Breakfast

Hard Roll & Butter

Hard Roll, Egg & cheese

Hard Roll, Bacon, Egg & cheese

Hole in One $2-$3 Variety Menu ( very popular)

Home Fries

Hard Roll, Hollandaise, Bacon, Egg & cheese

Potato Only Pancake

Potato Sausage Pancake)

Potato Turkey Pancake

Potato Steak Pancake

Blueberry Pancake with whipped topping

Strawberry Pancake with whipped topping

Sausage Gravy on Drop Biscuit

Turkey Gravy on Drop Biscuit

Steak Gravy on Drop Biscuit

Grits (cheese-sausage-turkey-steak-bacon)


Italian Soda and Seltzer Variety

Real LemonAde

Iced Sun Tea ( Traditional and Green)

Cafe Aulait

Fair Trade Coffee

Pricing is based on the product, quality and event requirements.

            We thoroughly cook whole beef and pork >145, poultry  >165,  seafood & shellfish >145                                                     to reduce the risk of foodborne illness